Thursday, December 23, 2010

ini namenye updating blog

some quick updates of my almost ending sem break T__T

01--> only my body parts which produce taik mate n lemak2 degil are working effectively n so far they're just very very productive

02--> we followed everywhere baba had to work n did the famous melongo-in-the-hotel-room routine continuously from kedah, perlis, penang, kampung gajah, ipoh, kuantan, n chemor.

03--> ouh i got the final exam result. very proud of it actually. ^_^ got in the dean list i've dreamin about for the whole semester :)
















04--> abg iloi, makngah's son aka our 1st sepupu from mama's side of family who looks older than his age had finally get married to this beautiful akak linda who looks younger than her age, very sweet looking, petite n small. typical malay couple :). owh, we were the flower girls (or more lyk, the passing bunga telur+ gula2+ kotak girls)

05--> encik Abdul Razin itu just got his pmr result. he got straight a's. superb. proud proud proud. he's my baby brother btw :)

06--> i've finished so many movies. i lost count of the games i've play to the end. i read n reread novels (mine n unmine haha) n hv another 3 n a quarter to finish b4 the next sem start.

07--> i didnt get into the college. some of my girlfriends got into kristal. KRISTAL for god's sake! haish! so pissed off. so in the end i've made a decision to join my noncolleged girlfriends in a rent house. which is good. i guess. no curfew. hah!

08--> ermmm what else what else..

09--> ouh i got a new fun buddy on the phone. thats what he's here for. fun. no serious relationships for me. not now. not for a looong tym. cuz face it. men are jerks. n love kills. haha so i got a fun buddy n thats that!

10--> yap.. fate is chasing me to penang. haha oh fate. oh lord.

there u hv it. perfect ten! ahah! haha XD


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

no no. no rewind. no. no.

we've went pass the horrible him-being-a-jerk phase. the suffering suffocating getting-over-him phase. n now THIS? the seeing-him-again phase. no. i cant go thru this. i cant live my life smiling like b4 knowing he's near. he had cost me my passion to love. my will to believe. my ability to trust. he practically killed me inside. why dear God. why bring him near me again. why force me to see that face again. why put me thru this again. i havent finish the getting-over-him phase yet..

truth is. i prayed for this. truth is. i didnt think God would answer my prayer. so dear God, after this, if u think my prayer is ridiculous, please just ignore it will u? i would understand. be careful what u wish for. cuz u might just get it all.

ouh i tried the apps on facebook. these are what i got.

Nasihah Syahirah amazed by how much its true:
"Sometimes you just have to smile and pretend everything is ok hold back the tears and just walk away"

funny rite.

uhh i welcome u dear. i have been grateful being under the same sky as u r. being away from u, i kept remembering myself we r under the same sky. seeing the same stars. watching the same cloud. hating the same sun.walking on the same earth. believe it or not. after all THAT. i still think of being near u for comfort. now i'll be under the same roof as u r. heh. dnt know how to react to that. just welcome. do good here. its a wonderful place. i wish ur future the very best.

please forgive me. i cant stop loving you



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