Friday, January 4, 2013

satu tujuh dua satu

"pasaipaa tajuk post dia lagu tuuu??", tanya pembaca2 blog beliau (cet perasan blog dia ada org baca). haha 1 7 2 1. 1 tahun 7 bulan 2 minggu 1 hari. haaa tudiaa pakat lari habih takmau continue baca dah post ni. lek lek jgn risau. jgn tuka channel. sumpah ni bukan tuition math. haha tu adalah period di mana aku menjadi blogger yg tidak bertanggungjawab dan membiarkan blog aku bersawang2 kemain kalah rumah agam spiderman. minta maaf.. joesonghamnida (favourite korean word means sorry). and i'll try my best to never do this again =>

teriak guling2 lama2 pun xgune. setelah dicongak2 (guna calculator phone la hangpa ingat aku apa? einstein?), 1 tahun 7 bulan 2 minggu 1 hari dari hidup aku yg precious ni dah melepas. xpela. benda yg lepas jgn dikenang. now!! (yg melatah tu.. control2 la skit ye, ini cerita label U besar, untuk tontonan umum) mari kita topi kembali. recap!

these are in no particular order. big life events in the last 1721=

1. im currently in the 6th and the final semester. next stop, graduation. (counting the days till i can look at the piece of paper and say "hah diploma, ur in my hand. ")
2. got my driver's license and yet to drive myself to places. i am my own enemy.
3. had went through 4 months of training practice at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Resort and Spa oct '11- feb '12. survived.
4. currently am going through another 4 months of training practice at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel and Spa. have been here since nov '12 and will be here till march '13. surviving.
5. got over total darkness i called life back then and totally in love with my girls, besties - my rainbows after the storms.
6. have most definitely gained weight. pipi dah semakin membentuk seperti pau.
7. all the pimples, oily skin, blackheads, those problems i've had since i hit puberty.... are all... still here. shit.
8. my baby brothers are now 14 and 18. the later are currently at UPM studying his ass off in the short course while most of his friends are still in the after-spm-goyang-kaki mode. because his trial result was so good. because he's my brother. end of discussion.
9. boyfriend. hmm no comment bout this but i've had my fair share of nice dates.
10. international buffet. i can have a whole chapter written of this event and this event only.
11. How I Met Your Mother reached the 8th season. but still. no news of mrs mosby. but hey little Marvin Wait For It Eriksen was born (yea Wait For It is his middle name. so cool.)
12. had two particularly amazing nights. the nights to remember. till death.
13. a person i used to cringed at the mention of his name is now my best buddy and i am both thrilled and relieved to be able to look into his eyes again n say things like "bodoh, xsenonoh la kau ni" and laughed hard together. 
14. had now been in a car where the driver was not baba for so many times. i am proud. so proud.
15. got stronger and wiser insyaAllah.

how did i cramp 1 year 7 months 2 weeks and 1 day in 15 points is beyond me. guess my life is dull. ughhh -___-'''



  1. well hello back! weh kau tukar num ke? If you do, pleaseeeeeee let me know your num! asap! Hahaha. been missed you. 0146458473. my num.

  2. Hoi berani ko tak feature blog aku???

    *sorok baby ko*




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